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Knack Coworking

Knack Coworking, a female-founded venture, emerged as a beacon of collaboration and inclusivity in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood. Uniting people in a purposeful environment, Knack provided a haven designed by the esteemed architecture firm, Olson Kundig, to foster productivity and creativity.

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In November 2018, I joined the Knack Coworking team with a pivotal mandate—to orchestrate the successful launch and subsequent operation of this groundbreaking coworking space. My role encompassed navigating the complexities of initiation, ensuring a seamless opening and subsequently overseeing day-to-day operations to ensure an inclusive working environment.

Responsibilities & Areas of Expertise

  • Project management

  • Operations management

  • Guest experience and journey management

  • Procurement

  • Relationship management

  • Partnerships and brand collaborations

  • Event management

  • Content creation

  • Financial management

Mariah Lincoln, Founder at Knack Working

“Liz is a true creative and strategic leader with deep project and operational management skills. She was instrumental in building out and opening our 10,000 sq ft coworking space, on time and budget, and growing the community base exponentially once launched. She put us on a path to profitability in under 12 months. Her budget and timeline management capabilities are next level and her willingness to become a coworking tech stack subject matter expert speaks to her drive to do things thoughtfully, accurately, and with business growth and ROI at the forefront. Liz brought high levels of business acumen, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset to her role as Operations Director and I foresee great success in all of her future endeavors.”

Results & Highlights

Efficient Buildout Management:

  • Spearheaded the successful buildout of the new coworking space, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to budget constraints. Collaborated closely with key stakeholders, including Olson Kundig, contractors, trade suppliers, and executive teams, to achieve this milestone.


On Brand Design & Procurement:

  • Carefully curated and endorsed all design elements, including lighting, furniture, and decor, seamlessly blending Knack's brand with Olson Kundig's modern design. The outcome—a stylish, inspiring coworking space for members to thrive.


Strategic Vendor Partnerships:

  • Negotiated eight impactful vendor contracts with women-owned or operated businesses, resulting in enhanced benefits for members and cost-effective service agreements. Noteworthy partnerships include a collaboration with local grocer Cone & Steiner, leading to a branded market pop-up within the coworking space and establishing Cone & Steiner as the official catering partner for all Knack speaking engagements and workshops.


Tech Stack Optimization:

  • Orchestrated an impressive tech stack for the coworking space, integrating IT solutions from a woman-founded technology company, Google Fiber internet services, innovative security measures, and coworking-specific technology platforms. This meticulous approach ensured seamless day-to-day operations.


Brand Sponsorship Excellence:

  • Secured a Fully furniture sponsorship agreement valued at $60k, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space while contributing significantly to the financial success of the business.


Exceptional Member Onboarding:

  • Conceptualized and executed an outstanding member onboarding experience, achieving an impeccable 100% member satisfaction rate and exceptional member retention.


Customer Journey Enhancement:

  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive customer journey experience, prioritizing diversity, inclusivity, and a strong sense of community—aligning seamlessly with the company's core values. This approach fostered increased member collaboration and engagement.

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